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At Fash Arts  We express and give empowering and strong conditions to youthful, curious personalities to gain from and create with us. We accomplish something beyond brilliant accomplishments due to our enthusiasm for learning. 

This is where we teach students skills they need to transform
themselves, others, and our global communities.

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Inspiring our students to dream more, study further, find additional information, and grow more in their individual life paths is one of our main goals.

Isaac God'spower — Administrator

Curriculum Overview

At fash Arts, we aim at offering all our students a broad and balanced art topics that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for social and cultural life.


Painting is a soulful act of ingenious expression in which shades and strokes on a canvas intertwine to supply emotions, tales, and perceptions, revealing the painter's inner world to the beholder.

Stencil Art

Using stencils provides the freedom to generate innovative and striking patterns across diverse materials. Whether you're a carefully prepared craftsman or a novice hoping to have a go at a novel new thing, stenciling offers vast opportunities for communicating your imagination.

Paper Crafting

Handling paper with dexterity serves as a way of generating joy through considerate crafting. By manipulating paper into numerous shapes, designers generate complicated structures that replicate their inner world.


Drawing is the art of capturing thoughts and visions through lines, shapes, and shading. It grants a glimpse into the artist's mind, evoking emotions and sparking connections with the observer.

Paint Dotting

Paint dotting, additionally referred to as dot painting or pointillism, is a method in which artists create photographs by applying small dots of paint. Using this method yields creative and visually striking art projects.

Fine Arts

The realm of fine arts includes a wide variety of forms of artistic expression, including both performance- and visual-based ones. The medium applauds the sublime nature of the human mind, offering a forum for dialogue, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation. Fine arts have served as a vehicle for societies to preserve their achievements while promoting risk-taking ideas.

Our Co-curricular Activities

Crafts Design Technology club (CDT)

Design technology is craftsmanship and present-day innovation. It celebrates the artistry of handcrafted creations while leveraging advanced tools and techniques. This synergy allows artisans to craft tricky and specific pieces with remarkable precision and performance. From woodworking to ceramics, textiles to metalwork, the connection between craft and generation opens the states of creativity.

Balloons and Crafts club

The Balloon and Crafts Club is a dynamic and inclusive collection of folks who share a passion for balloon twisting and numerous craft tasks. Inside this innovative haven, people of every age and background unite to learn, exchange ideas, and hone their competencies. The membership offers a nurturing environment wherein beginners can delve into the colorful world of balloon sculpting.

Digital photography club

Step into the charming domain of visual narration and imaginative investigation by joining our Advanced Photography Club. Whether you're an accomplished shutterbug or simply beginning your excursion, our club offers a powerful stage to associate with individual lovers who share your energy for catching life's minutes in impeccable computerized detail. Imagine sharing bits of knowledge, methods, and encounters with similar people, with a material for individual articulation. Through intelligent studios, cooperative ventures, and master visitor meetings, you'll refine your abilities, figuring out how to play with light, arrangement, and post-handling to create photographs that resound.

Baking club

Whether you're an ace bread cook or simply starting out, the club offers to connect you with similar individuals who share your excitement. Individuals from the Baking community have the likelihood to share and trade a gold mine of recipes, each one imbued with individual recollections and attempted and genuine procedures. From wanton sweets to flavorful enjoyments, the club's assorted collection covers all parts of baking, ensuring there's something for every sense of taste.

T-shirt Branding club

The T-shirt Branding Club is a community that revolves around the intersection of public and private expression. Fans collaborate to craft custom t-shirts that mirror their memories, beliefs, and creativity. Through these wearable canvases, participants carry significant messages and show off their artistic abilities, turning t-shirts into effective tools of self-expression. Join the membership to show off your fashion and share your unique narrative with the world.

Paper toy club

We explore the fun of creating and using paper toys at Paper Toy Club. We dive into this creative and engaging interest, exploring anything from straightforward origami figures to elaborate three-dimensional creations. Find out how to make your own unique paper toys, look for the papers behind them, and explore the many possibilities for this intriguing piece of art. Get ready to unleash your creative side as you go on a lovely journey into the world of paper toys!

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